A shower-thought that evolved into something much bigger.

Inspired by giving.
Helping people goes a long, long way. In fact, it goes both ways. The ones that receive and the ones that give. It gives hope to someone that needs it while giving purpose to those who have contributed to something greater than themselves.

This how ArtConnects came to life. 
It started with a simple, personal fundraiser on Instagram and Facebook. I wanted to raise money to support the people and animals in Australia by selling prints of personal art projects. Little did I know - it ended up raising 2000 euros in just 48 hours. There have been few occasions when something excited me as much as this. I knew from that moment I wanted to turn this into something permanent.

Even though I've initiated, created and developed the website and project myself I am much helped by people generous enough to provide the knowledge, support and amazing talent to conceive the platform you see in front of you right now. A special thanks to the contributors.

Who runs the place?
For now 'Artconnects' consists out of 'I, Marc Haers' - the founder of this initiative.
So it's a one man show, basically.

Stumbling into photography in my late teens and being launched into a steady career in my early twenties add up to over 10 years of experience in the creative industry. Those 10 years included things like shooting campaigns with ad agencies and brands, doing international projects with charities and initiatives instigated by creatives, educating young students to grow into professionals and being an in-house creative director to build a visual brand identity.

Today - I am still a photographer. Though now taking all that I've learned and pouring it into something that I could only have dreamed of as a young kid with his first DSLR. Artconnects is an accummulation of all of that knowledge compressed into an idea - then concept and ultimately into reality. By far my biggest and most exciting challenge ever. I can't wait to see what it brings.

- Marc