We feel that the future stretches far for this platform and we have dreams. Big dreams.

As explained in our overview here we´re completely aware of the fact that the initiative is not profit focused. Our main goal is supporting charities and artists first and breaking even where possible.

We know we can be more efficient and increase the yields to support artists and charities with even a higher percentage (I know it's hard to believe - but it can be done!).

We need to gradually grow towards those goals. We've lined up what we're aiming for when it comes to the future of ArtConnects.

Become an official 'non-profit'.
(only if it benefits charities/artists)

- Create a dedicated platform for (starting) artists to showcase their work to a broader audience.

- Collaborate with charities/brands/sponsors to expand our platform and reach.

- Organize live events/fundraisers to sell one-of-a-kind artworks.

- Expand the ArtConnects portfolio in new countries outside of the Benelux.

- Permamently changing the landscape of donating by showing it can be done in a different way.