One message - different views.
One photograph - unique creations.
One goal - new approach.

A simple message.
The intention of ArtConnects lies within the name. 'Connect' people to 'Art', artists to people, artists & people to charity. All part of the plan to inspire and push the way we donate into new territory. 

A theme lead by one photograph - interpreted by different artists.
 Combining photography and graphic/painted/written arts challenges all mediums as we know it. Artists are willing to take a photograph and reshape it with their vision. Using the photograph as their blank canvas. Tearing it apart to rebuild it with an entirely new meaning. Resulting in a perfect marriage between reality and fantasy.

Limited and unique artworks.
Our plan is to release new art every month created by artists from all corners of the industry. Their creations will only be available on this platform as limited editions. Valuable and unique artworks nowhere else to be found.

A completely new approach.
Making 'giving' our philosophy and not paying attention to high margins or profits we were able to redefine our financial structure to think of charity and creator first and then the initiative. There is a way to think of others first in our commercial industry.

We are going to prove it.