Print details:
- Matte 3mm aluminium direct print.
- Polished edges with rounded corners.
- Treated to prevent UV damage.
- Premium finishing and highly durable.

30x20: Hanging plate.
60x40: Easy floating back mount.

MOUNTING (30x20)

When you receive your print you'll receive the hanging plate unmounted in the package.
The plate will have double sided tape pre-applied to it.

Our recommendation is to mark the center of the plate at roughly 8cm from the top and 10cm from the sides.
You'll be able to place your plate beneath the markers. See the instruction image:

MOUNTING (60x40 / 90x60)

The larger prints have pre-installed mounting solutions.
They require only one mounting point in the wall due to their light weight.

- For concrete walls use a standard plug and 55mm screw (at minimum).
- For dry wall mounting use a dry wall plug and 55mm screw (at minimum).
- For wood wall mounting a 55mm screw (at minimum) will suffice.

All materials are readily available at any hardware store.


Framing is possible.
All you have to do is remove the backplate of your current frame and replace it with the aluminium print.
We do recommend using the included backsupport to mount your print.

*Note - Using different frames may give different results as not all of them are compatible.
Please check whether your frame has the possibility to remove it's backplate first.