I placed my order, what happens next?
1. You’ll receive your confirmation including your ordernumber. This can be used to ask us any questions concerning your order.
2. We’ll place the request to have your print produced and shipped to your address.
3. While that happens we’ll forward the money you donated to your chosen charity.
4. You will receive a personal mail confirming your donation. This will not be sent by us but by the charity. It will also validate that your donation has been done and is legitimate.
5. Once the print is on it’s way to you we’ll send you the tracking information.
6. The print will arrive on your doorstep and we’ll be happy to have been of service to you.

The processing of my order failed, what should I do?
Please get in touch with artconnectseu@gmail.com so we can take a look at your order. If it failed you’ll be able to reorder your product. If the payment did go through we’ll be sure to fulfill that order manually for you.


How long does it take for my print to arrive?
You can expect to receive your print within 2-3 weeks after placing your orders. If any unexpected delays occur we’ll be sure to send you an update.

How do I track my order?
We’ll send you a tracking number once your print is on it’s way to you.

My country is not listed for shipping. Is it still possible to order?
Yes! You can still order if you’re outside of the selected shipping zone. We’re still starting up and intentionally keeping it simple. We’re planning on expanding very soon though - especially if we get more requests for shipping outside of the Benelux. Please get in touch with us (artconnectseu@gmail.com) if you want us to find a way to ship it to you. It shouldn’t be a problem!


How do I know if my money is actually donated?
We keep a backlog of every donation we do for each individual order containing your personal ordernumber and name. You can request your proof of payment any time by sending an e-mail to artconnectseu@gmail.com. We'll forward the confirmation that we've received to you.

Why is the amount donated not 75% of the price on the website?
Like any other company we’re also subjected to VAT, income taxes and the production of the prints. We would make a big loss on each print if we were to donate half of the sales price as every sold print brings it’s cost with it.

We are very proud to say that we do not deduct any salary or fixed costs before our 'net profit' calculations. We cover that with the remaining percentage that goes to ArtConnects. Many other companies do deduct all possible costs before donating and that’s why you’ll never see the donated amount before buying. We want to be as transparent as possible, that’s why we dedicated this page to explain to you how it works.

Can we donate to you?
We’re not officially a non-profit so donating directly to us isn’t possible. If you really want to help us you can get in touch with us (artconnectseu@gmail.com) so we can set up a product page for you where you don't have to select a charity.


I would like to donate to a charity that is not listed. Is that possible?
We've specifically chosen the charities that fit the theme presented to you. Though if you want to donate to a specific cause then be sure to send us an e-mail (artconnectseu@gmail.com) so we can create a personal option on the product page.


Why framed prints?
We've chosen this due to the fact that our supplier can deliver high quality custom framed prints that use sustainable wood and recycled plastics.

Can I get a different type of print?
Anything is possible! If you want a different type of material please get in touch with us by mail (artconnectseu@gmail.com) so we can discuss this with the artist and get you a quote. 

How do I mount my print?
Please look at our product page for all information concerning mounting and framing.


How do I get in touch?
You can get in touch with us by mail (artconnectseu@gmail.com).

Where are you located?
We’re based in Zaandam, the Netherlands.