You asked the right questions, gave the right feedback and helped me find the right answers - even if those answers were a simple - 'we don't know just yet'.

I give you my thanks.

For believing in the concept and being upfront about everything.
Without you, this would be just an idea - nothing more. 

Tirsa Papilaja
For your precious time and stellar advice I couldn't do without.

Justin Hendrik

For believing in me for so long. I thank you.

Wessel van Eeden

For giving me insights with your amazing experience.

Liam & Jennifer Maher

For being my mentor, my bonus-parents and advisors of career and life.

Kasper & Lotte

For showing how to run a business with your heart in the right place.

All the artists
For sharing your amazing talent and contributing to a cause for the good.

The people dear to me
For putting up with me being so obsessed with this new venture and motivating me to always believe that I can do anything I set my mind to.

My daughter
For being my light and showing me the world through your eyes. It is a beautiful place and you remind me of that every day.